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Most people would agree that few things are more memorable than a favorite song, sung and/or played by a live performer. The performers smile, gestures, energy and attire contribute to the setting in a way "canned" music simply cannot. Toby Tobas Boston

Memorable Benefits..
You can book Toby Tobas Caribbean Steel Drum Soloist with back up tracks, and experience the sound of a full six-piece band. He also offers sophistication in traditional and contemporary music strains from the English, Spanish and French speaking Caribbean, as well as other world renowned artists. This enables him to create and communicate the imagery of his native Caribbean to his audience and with State Of the Art Sound & Customer Friendly Prices ALL YEAR ROUND.

Lives Music..
After spending a lot of precious time planning yourspecial event, it should definitely be customized and personalized. Using a little imagination, live music can be one of the most talked about features of your event, whether it be a wedding, anniversary, rehearsal dinner, reunion, engagement, fund raiser, or graduation.

One Man WIth A Full Band Sound..
This is where accomplished Caribbean Steel Drummer Toby Tobas comes in. A very experienced steel drum soloist with sequenced accompaniment,” A One Man Band" if you will, Toby's energy, musical versatility and personality, has been putting a smile on the faces of his many guests through out Massachusetts since moving to Boston from his native Caribbean Republic of Trinidad & Tobago some 12 years ago.

Setting the right mood...
He offers a musical package of Steel Drums versatility that will set the mood for your very special event bringing to you the soothing sound of this unique Caribbean musical instrument. An experience that will appeal to your senses auditory as well as visual, thereby creating very strong memories that only live music can effectively add to your special day.

Book now!.. 
Toby Tobas is available all year round. Please contact him by using the bookings inquiry form  here at tobzmusic.com to request more information or to book him.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How many musicians are there in your group?
My solo performance features playing my specially handcrafted Double Alto Steel Drums with sequenced accompaniment. This current technology, allows me to create and simulate the sound of a full six-piece band.

Do you have a vocalist?
No, not at the moment. The reason being that most of my clients are primarily interested in the acoustical melodic and rhythmical beauty of the steel drums. This feature is strongly favored as it adds that special mood to most of the events for which I am engaged. Intermittently I use my voice as color accompaniment to compliment the instrument.

What is sequenced accompaniment?
Sequenced accompaniment also means backup tracks. Therefore instead of having a live Drummer, Bass, Piano & Guitar player accompany me during my performance, every instrumental accompaniment except the lead [Steel Drums] is pre-recorded using hi- end sequencing modules through computer-based technology. This is created and produced professionally in a recording studio. The pre-recorded musical arrangements are then transferred to my laptop and played through a 300-watt keyboard amplifier during my live performance. Thus the sound of a full live band is emulated.

The music sample on this site is a true reflection of my live performance

Do you perform outdoors?
Yes! However open-air performances require protective shading since the Steel Drum will go out-of-tune if exposed to direct sunlight.  Power requirement?  One standard electrical outlet is needed at stage area (minimum 6ft X 8ft). Your available lighting is usually adequate. Also available is my battery-powered backup system to facilitate clients who may need me to performances in areas with no access to electrical outlets.

What Genre of music do you play?
My repertoire covers musical styles like Caribbean Folk, Reggae, Calypso, Afro Cuban & South American favorites, Latin Jazz, Martinique Zouk, Haitian Compas, Calypso Jazz, Easy Listening and some Pop variety as well. Please click here to view Song List/Samples & Music Samples!

Do you travel out of State?
Although most of my work is in and around the Boston area I work throughout Massachusetts as well as Providence RI, New Hampshire, New Port RI, and Cape
Cod or for that matter just about anywhere in New England.

What kind of events do you play for?
Corporate & Private Functions, Special Needs Kids, Weddings, Fund Raisers, Children’s Hospitals, Percussion/Steel Pan Workshops, Country Clubs, Grand Openings, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Hotels, TV Soundtracks, Jingles, Anniversaries, Bridal Showers, Family Reunions, Engagements, Bar Mitzvahs, and Banquets. [The above are the events in which I specialize.]

What’s the cost of hiring you?
Several factors go into pricing: Length of performance and traveling time. Overnight stay which includes accommodation etc. Please contact for an exact quote for your event. I would be happy to discuss performance logistics and all other concerns. Thanks for the visit. I look forward to hearing from you.

PO Box 505674
Chelsea, MA 02150
(617) 889-1678

Purpose Statement
Toby Tobas: Steel Drum Player, Steel Drum Band, or just Pan. Repertoire covers multiple musical styles such as Caribbean Folk, Calypso, Brazilian Bossa, Reggae, Kaiso”Calypso” Jazz, Afro Cuban & South American Favorites. Range also includes Latin Jazz, Easy Listening, and some pop variety as well. This unique sound is guaranteed to enhance your special event with state of the art production year round.

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